As a professional ballet dancer, we train like elite athletes, which means dancing 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. We don’t train for a potentially career breaking final every 4 years like the Olympics. Our career breaking finals happen 8 times a week, meaning that for the 200 shows a year we have to be at our best.

Working at this pace for the past 16 years has taught me that listening to your body is key to ensuring that you don’t run your body into the ground. I have been very fortunate to not have had any serious injuries that have required surgery (touch wood). Despite this, I have still had my fair share in minor injuries and sprains, which have, at times threatened to cut short my 16-year career. Here is my story with Nageze

Two years ago, some stubborn ankle inflammation appeared suddenly after a heavy season; I was in pain just by pointing my foot. Unfortunately, it was one of those injuries caused by inflammation in the tendon of my ankle and I was forced to take time off to let it heal. 

I did a lot of rehabilitation exercises but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. The next stage was trying some old wives tales supposedly meant to help injuries - I poured Epsom salts in a stocking and tied it around my ankle that was swollen, I slept with a slices of raw sweet potato glad wrapped on and around my ankle and I even tried French green clay on my foot to draw out any inflammation! 

Ultimately, I had to resort to having three cortisone injections in my ankle area to help with the persistent pain. After the three injections, and whilst undergoing further rehabilitation , I started to feel a bony sensation on the top of my right foot. At this stage I was feeling ‘come on’ really?!! Another problem?

Scans revealed that I had early stages of arthritis in my joint from natural wear and tear; I thought it was the end of my career. I didn’t want be on anti-inflammatory drugs my whole career, it helped with the pain but it was quite heavy on my body if I took them for more than a few days. I planned to be dancing for a few more years.

 As my other ankle was still responding to the last cortisone injection and I didn’t want to disturb the progress with other masking drugs, my physiotherapist introduced Nageze Joint Pain as a natural alternative for my injury. I didn’t know much about natural medicines, let alone the medicinal properties of turmeric, but figured I’d try anything if it even half promised to solve my problem. Cue angel halo music. 

After taking Nageze for two weeks I felt a noticeable difference in my arthritic joint; I started to get some pain-free movement back and started to look forward to getting back to rehearsals.

I have been taking Nageze for the last two years now and it has changed my life. I take Nageze daily without fail and increase my dose before and after heavy rehearsals, or on performance days just to keep any inflammation in check. If I skip a few days I’ll start to feel the joint start to pang again. 

For me, Nageze is a travel essential when flying long distances. This is especially important for me, as my company travels all over Australia with our productions. I find it’s a perfect natural supplement to help with inflammation and stiffness especially when you have to hit the ground running after a long-haul flight.

I take pride in fueling my body right and it’s my obligation as a professional ballet dancer to take care of the only body I have. What I love about Nageze is that it’s kind to my body, 100% natural, and it truly works!

I am back bouncing onstage with both feet pain free! Nageze is not only for my lifestyle, it’s for my livelihood.

Natasha Kusen Professional Ballerina


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