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Nageze Osteo Plus contains a single ingredient Turmeric Betasorb®

Traditionally used in Ayurevedic Medicine, Turmeric has relieved inflammation and symptoms associated with mild osteoarthritis for centuries. Betasorb® is Nageze's unique delivery system to ensure the ingredients bioavailability. Turmeric Betasorb has been included in all Nageze products since 2016 and there have been no known interactions or contraindications to date. As always consult your Naturopath or health care professional when taking Nageze Osteo Plus.

Pain in my joints during winter has driven me mad in the past, but since taking Nageze Joint Pain capsules I’m totally comfortable. Even my fingers have not been painful this winter, I'm a great believer in this product!


Totally sold on this product. I had been using Red Krill and Glucosamine for years along with needing Voltaren 25 a couple of times a week for ageing joints. Since stumbling across this product 2 months ago I no longer need anything else. Love it!!


I’ve been taking this for some months and find it is very good. The turmeric is easily absorbed. My fingers don’t ache so I can do some craft work


My GP told me about this capsule a while ago now - I tried it out and the relief I got from it within a few days was amazing. It was so good I have told quite a few people about it and they have found the same relief GREAT PRODUCT