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I really notice a difference when I run out. I usually have a weeks break every 3 months with no adverse effects but any longer, not great. I always start again with 2 a day for a week then once a day. Works well for me.


Have found Biorevive to be a refreshingly customer-focussed Australian small company.
This anti-inflammatory is a highly available form that is quickly absorbed with a glass of water.
You'd have to take it in a meal with olive oil and black pepper to absorb it if just included in your diet.
I also recommended to my brother-in-law in Perth who has found it useful for his knee arthritis and is now a regular user.
Delivery is quick and reliable with Australia Post.

You lost one star from me because I can't work out how to get rid of the annoying, corny and distracting pop-ups of "Mickey Mouse from Disneyland just bough 150 packets of .. " on your website.

Nageze Osteo

Good product at the best price, with Service fantastic.

Very Pleased

So extremely happy with my purchase and even happier that I discover that I can buy direct fro your website! With the cold weather joints are not happy at all but Thanks to Nageze Osteo can move a bit more smoothly with less pain.

Nageze joint pain

My husband has been using product for some time, for hip joint pain, Which will require hip replacement in the future
since taking Nageze daily has not had to take Panadol or ibuprofen for pain/inflammation
Great product, which suits his needs

Works wonders

I have been taking Nageze for about three weeks and after having severe knee pain for months I am finally pain free and the swelling in my knee has also subsided. Excellent product that I highly recommend.

Best product ever

I have been dealing with chronic back pain for over 2 years, I have tried everything to relieve the pain and found Nageze everyday to be the only product that actually works. I am able to stand up for hours and move around. There is still a little bit of pain but nothing compared to before using this product.

New Knees

I have suffered with pain in my knees for years and a year ago, my osteopath recommended Nageze Joint Pain capsules. The improvement is amazing and I have been able to resume my dog walking business. Thank you my wonderful osteopath and Nageze!

Love this product

My GP told me about this capsule a while ago now - I tried it out and the relief I got from it within a few days was amazing. It was so good I have told quite a few people about it and they have found the same relief GREAT PRODUCT

Has really helped

I’ve been taking Nageze Osteo Plus for my arthritis and it is amazing. I can’t get through the day without it now.

Thanks Nageze

Thanks to Nageze I can now keeping going to the gym without my knees and elbows flaring up. Nageze Joint Pain is a lifesaver

Life saver

I have had chronic pain for 10yrs..after taking Nageze I have had immediate reduction of I take one capsule a day and no medication at's's a life saver for me..I live it..


Absolutely amazing! I am allergic to aspirin, so heavy duty anti inflammatory medication/creams are out for me! My girlfriend recommended I try Nageze, I HAD Golf Elbow in both elbows, pains in my wrist going up to my thumbs... the pain was constantly with me all day every day. I must admit I was dubious BUT I took 2 tablets a day for a couple of weeks then dropped it back to 1 a day, OMGoodness I am still am still awe of what this little pill has done - magical little pill that I recommend to anyone in need! Thanks Nageze

Highly recommend

This is a great product, I have felt so much better since I have been using it and love the fact it’s a natural product. I've found it most helpful with the dull aches and tenderness from severe arthritis and bone pain. So glad I found out about it, it’s been fabulous and I'll continue to use it till I have my reconstruction but may be able to hold off a while longer now !