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Dr Henry gives 5 stars.

Purrrfect. Now I can stretch and sit in the bus position and eat my pilchards in peace.

On time and great product

Great Product

Nagware has certainly made a difference to my Osteoarthritis. Love the repeat order process.

Great Product

I have been taking nageze for quite some years now. You can feel the difference when you go off them. This product really works It helps with pain and stiffness. Great Product.

Bottles are a winner

This is my favourite way to buy Nageze.
No fuss or bother and I never run out.
I have peace of mind that my pain will be managed.

My knees and my husband's back love Nagez Osteo Plus

I've been taking this product for a number of years and it really helps with the Osteoarthritis in my knees. When my husband had dreadful back pain I suggested he try it. He is the ultra cynical type but he gave it a go and within a few weeks his pain lessened so he has stuck with it as well.

We have recommended Nageze Osteo Plus to a number of relatives and friends who are now also seeing benefits.

Feedback re Nageze

I love the bigger bottle and so far results from product have been promising. Certainly not made me perfect but has helped with my aches and pains and mobility


I love my Nageze Every day capsules. With an autoimmune condition these are another tool that helps me manage my health.

Finally I have use of my fingers again!

I experience pain in the joints of most of my fingers as a result of arthritis, A friend told me about Nageze after having success with it herself with her Knee pain. I personally am scared of the long term side effects of taking nurofen and panadol but finally I have found something that not only will help me with my pain but also add some extra benefits!

Within a week or 2 of taking Nageze I started having more movement in my fingers to the point i have been able to go back to knitting!!

Thanks so much Nageze you have changed my world for the better. Now back to the knitting needles :)

Scoliosis Relief

Nageze Joint Pain along with massage and daily walking regimen keep my pain at a manageable level . Thanks Nageze

A definite win-win!!

Having previously purchased Nageze in packs of 30 at various pharmacies, I’m delighted that this plastic bottle of 90 turmeric capsules which keeps my oseo-arthritis under control, is far easier to use, involves much less packaging & will be posted to me automatically every 3 months, at a discounted price! Made by an Australian owned company this natural product is also vegan friendly.

Great product & service

Reliable supply of a great product at very competitive price. Prompt delivery adds to experience.

Great value & excellent product!

Really helps with psoriatic arthritis in my knuckles and also osteo in my knees. I love that it’s an Australian product too. Staff are always very helpful. Thank you. 5 stars!


So easy to use, just take with a glass of water morning and evening every day and it really helps together wiith a healthy lifestyle.

Nageze Osteo Plus 90 Bottle

Nageze Joint Pain 90s Bottle



Osteo pain in knee GONE

Have been taking these for approx 12mths and they have made the world of difference. I was taking a type of ibuprofen for a few months, but I was having to take two every 4 hours for it to be affective. Nageze - 1 cap every morning.

Mobility and Convenience in a bottle

I take these tablets daily, and I wouldn’t be without them. I like the reduced packaging, the ease of packing, the security that comes with a plastic bottle (curious dogs) and the ease of use. The bottles are my preferred delivery method, and it’s so easy to see when I need to reorder.

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
Posi (Originally posted on

Great value for a woderful product, fabulous when Free Postage

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
Lynn58 (Originally posted on
Really does help�

This was recommended to me by a pharmacist, to replace regular panadol osteo. I now have these daily and only rely on analgesics for a headache.

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
Flea (Originally posted on

Working for me so far

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
Titch 11 (Originally posted on
Good have been on them for months�

I brought this product around a month ago and didn't have to wait long before it was delieved

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
DeeCee (Originally posted on
Regularly Purchased�

My pharmacist gave me a small trial pack well over 12 months ago now and I have been regularly purchasing since then. The product works well for me for my joint pain in my knees and hips.

Nageze Osteo Plus 30 Capsules
Kazza8888 (Originally posted on
nil side affects�

I have had not side affects taking this product. And it has been very effective